Liposuction is a procedure to shape the body by removing excess fat cells. It may be performed on various body areas such abdomen, back, hips, buttocks, arms, chin, thighs and knees. Liposuction may not be used instead of obesity treatment.

The procedure is performed under local or general anaesthesia and uses special cannulas connected in a suction device. The cannulas are inserted from very small incisions made in inconspicuous areas of the skin.
The best outcomes will be obtained for patients with healthy and elastic skin which will contract easily after the procedure. Liposuction may be used in combination with a tummy tuck (removing excess skin and fatty tissue).
Post surgery there may be some swelling, bruising, hypoaesthesia or hyperaesthesia of the skin which may persist up to a few weeks. The patient will be instructed to wear a compression garment for 2 months, which will help minimise the swelling and will support body shaping.

The surgery is performed on patients who are in general good shape and have normal lab results.

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