Face Lift

Facial ageing is a complex process involving thinning and loss of elasticity of the skin, appearance of wrinkles caused by shrinking of facial mimetic muscles, deepening of the folds between anatomical areas – tear trough, nasolabial folds, marionette lines. The soft tissues of the face begin to sag which leads to a loss in facial volume in the upper parts and excess tissue in the area of the jaw and neck.

Facelift is a procedure to lift and improve the contour of the face by reducing excess skin on the cheeks and neck and to lift and tighten the SMAS layer (superficial musculo aponeurotic system) of the face. Incisions are hidden in the hair, as well as in front of and behind the ear.

The surgery is performed under IV sedation or under general anaesthesia. Sutures are removed on the 7th-14th postoperative day. Swelling and bruising of the treatment area is possible and may last up to three weeks.

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