Love of beauty is taste.
The creation of beauty is art.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Chirurgia plastyczna
Beauty is an open letter of
that wins hearts for us in advance.
Arthur Schopenhauer
There is a kind of
beauty in imperfection.
Conrad Hall



"An outstanding doctor. 5 days ago he performed a breast reduction and lift and I must say that the effect is unbelievable. My breasts are well-formed, firm and symmetrical – like a teenager’s breasts. The doctor was very to-the-point, before the procedure he presented to me the expected result as well as possible complications. He approaches his patients with patience and care. After the surgery he makes every effort to make the healing process problem-free. With all responsibility I can recommend Dr. Charytonowicz to any prospective patient as a person with extensive knowledge and imagination. The doctor introduced a new, better quality to my life. Thank you for everything."


"It really is a pleasure to know someone so thoughtful and it’s hoped that your kindnesses will always be returned to you. With much appreciation."


"Dr. Charytonowicz removed a hypertrophic scar from my shoulder. The entire surgery was performed in a very professional atmosphere. The doctor explained to me in concrete terms what I can expect during the procedure and how the treatment area should be cared for afterwards. From my own experience I can definitely recommend this plastic surgeon."


"One visit was enough to totally transform my life. On 14 July I had a breast reduction surgery. No pain during the procedure, wonderful post-operative care. I recommend Dr. Michał Charytonowicz the plastic surgeon and I lack words to say what he did for me. Thank you very much once again."


"On 7 August 2015 Dr. Charytonowicz performed my liposuction. The result exceeded my most optimistic expectations, I am delighted with my new tummy! The doctor himself is very competent and kind. Dr. Michał Charytonowicz is one of the best specialists to be found in Warsaw - no doubt about that. I can recommend Dr. Michał Charytonowicz to anyone considering a surgery - you will not regret it! Dr. Michał Charytonowicz - nice, professional and to-the-point."


"A great plastic surgeon and a very nice person. I was born with a complex of congenital defects; I have undergone the first breast augmentation with own fat and I am very satisfied with the effects. I will be grateful to the doctor until my dying day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I truly recommend Dr. Charytonowicz to all prospective patients."


"Full professionalism, extremely well organized, true human warmth. My great thanks to Dr. Michał Charytonowicz for an artistic rhinoplasty and for the time devoted to me. I am very satisfied with the final result and with the entire treatment process. It was not my first rhinoplasty, but the first one to produce the expected result. Respectfully."


"My most sincere thanks to Dr. Michał Charytonowicz for everything he has done for me so far. For his perseverance and belief in the success of my especially difficult case, for the patience, help and care given – thanks from the bottom of my heart. Dr. Charytonowicz is both a great specialist and a wonderful, trustworthy human being. He really knows his profession. Treating people is not only his job but a passion and a true calling. DR. Charytonowicz knows how to talk with patients and explains everything in detail. We need more such doctors. I can truly recommend Dr. Charytonowicz and I wish him every success in his future work."