Eyelid Lift

Eyelid skin is very thin and does not contain subcutaneous tissue. Very elastic at young age, it grows flabby with age. Excess skin on upper eyelids may limit the visual field. Changes in the eyelids connected with ageing make the face look tired and sad.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid correction is performed under local anaesthesia or under IV sedation. The procedure involves removal of excess skin and orbicularis oculi muscle. The surgery also enables removal of excess fatty tissue in the upper eyelid area or its relocation in the lower eyelid area. Because incisions are made in the natural fold of the upper eyelid or under the eyelash line of the lower eyelid, with time they become practically invisible.

Swelling and bruising of the treatment area is possible and may last up to a few weeks. Stitches are removed on the 5th postoperative day and return to normal activity is possible within 10 approximately days.

The surgery is performed on patients who are in general good shape and have normal lab results.

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