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Mommy Makeover – plastic surgery after pregnancy

Mommy Makeover is an important trend in plastic surgery enabling moms to regain their pre-pregnancy shape.

Pregnancy and maternity are the most wonderful moments in the life of every woman and her partner. Huge emotions experienced during this period change our lives forever. Unfortunately, many women cannot accept the toll pregnancy takes on their bodies. To make things worse, often the most restrictive diet and the best fitness coach will not solve all the problems. Excess and loose skin, stretching of abdominal wall muscles (bulging stomach despite a small amount of fatty tissue), loss of volume and sagging of breasts, stretch marks or excessive fatty tissue on the hips, abdomen and thighs are the main problems reported by patients visiting a plastic surgeon.

Mommy Makeover is a combination of procedures enabling a return to the pre-baby body. Abdominoplasty will remove excess and sagging skin on the abdomen, will repair stretched abdominal wall muscles (the tummy will be flat again) as well as stretch marks, especially those below the navel. Breast surgery will include first of all breast lift but also breast enlargement. Liposuction will shape the body by removing excess fat in unwanted areas.


Is it worthwhile? It certainly is if you constantly think about your pre-pregnancy body, if you hide your belly in a one-piece bathing suit and you do not take off your push-up bra even in front of your partner.

Should you hurry? Certainly no. It is a good idea to first introduce some good habits into your daily routine (healthy diet, sport), then reach the desired weight (excess skin on the abdomen and sagging breasts get worse during weight loss) and only then consult a plastic surgeon. A surgery performed too early will not bring the desired outcome. Besides, surgery cannot replace daily efforts to ensure a healthy and attractive body.

And remember – a woman's body changes during pregnancy but not necessarily for the worse!