Dr Michał Chartytonowicz Chirurg Plastyk

Anatomical or round implant?

Selecting the type of implant and its size are the key decisions taken by the patient before a breast augmentation procedure.  Various sizers used during the consultation will help choose the optimum implant.  Precise showing of the post-op breast shape is more challenging and this is where the knowledge and expertise of the plastic surgeon come in.  Such factors as the patient's expectations, her anatomy and history of breast surgeries are important.

When will an anatomical implant give a similar effect as a round one?

In some situations the outcomes achieved with an anatomical and round implant will be similar. This will be the case when the patient has well-shaped own breasts, sufficient tissue and the implant to be used is not very large.

If the patient is really thin and has very small breasts, the shape of the implant will be material for the appearance of the new breasts and in such case an anatomical implant will be a better choice. 

Round implant – full upper pole of the breast

During the consultation, each plastic surgeon tries to focus on the patient's expectations. Full upper pole and an attractive cleavage can be achieved by using a round implant. However, an anatomical implant properly selected and located on the chest enables the achievement of the right breast shape and the avoidance of the "fake breasts" effect.

Anatomical implant and the risk of rotation

The risk obviously exists because the implant is not symmetrical. Rotation of the implant changes the appearance of the breast and causes a loss of its proportions.  However, the risk of the above complication is very small. There have been multicentre studies conducted which proved this risk to be below 2.5%. Good pre-surgery planning and proper surgical technique allow to mitigate the risk of complications.

Difficult anatomical conditions

Breast reconstruction, pseudoptosis, poorly formed lower pole or  tuberous breast are indications for using an anatomical implant. The breast augmentation procedure offers a possibility of correcting a number of breast development problems.

Breast asymmetry

We are not symmetrical! Most patients have slightly asymmetrical breasts. Such asymmetry does not usually need to be corrected by a plastic surgeon. If the asymmetry is visible, the use of asymmetrical implants will enable to correct the defect. Good outcomes can be achieved with both anatomical and round implants. However, anatomical implants are chosen more frequently owing to a wider selection of sizes.

Breast lift

Breast augmentation is often combined with breast lift.  Breast lift is a technically challenging procedure where creating a precise pocket for the implant may be complicated.  The above is an indication for the use of round implants.

Implant replacement

In the majority of cases both anatomical and round implants can be used. However, recurring implant rotation is a direct indication for the use of a round implant.

The postoperative appearance of breasts depends on a number of factors. The size and shape of the implant do not guarantee a good postoperative result. A plastic surgeon's knowledge and experience will always remain the key elements of the procedure.